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Which Led Car Headlight Is Better?

Feb. 13, 2020

Under different conditions, turn on both the LED and Xenon headlights and test their high and low beams at the same time. You will find that there are differences. Car LED retrofit light manufacturer share with you:

When automobile low beams are used, LEDs have uniform light, very close to daylight colors, and their colors are white and cold, belonging to the cold color system.

When using a high beam, the effect of the xenon headlight is also good. Of course, its illumination effect is directly related to its lumen, wattage and the quality of the lens.

When the Xenon headlight is not equipped with a lens, the light is diffused, meaningless, and makes the driver on the opposite side feel dazzling. The lens can constrain the light well, making it more focused. Xenon headlights are not just an inert gas. It is a mixed gas mainly composed of xenon. Compared with LED headlights, it has low manufacturing cost and strong penetrating power. It is not as fast as LED lights. LED lamps have a long life, only a few thousand hours, and it is easy to yellow the lampshade.

Automobile Low Beams

Automobile Low Beams

The service life of LED can easily reach tens of thousands of hours. The disadvantage is that the heat dissipation is not good and the price is expensive. For example, if you want to replace the halogen headlights with xenon headlights, you can change them to a very bright xenon headlight for more than a thousand dollars. But if you want to buy an LED headlight assembly, I need more than 2,000 yuan.

Regarding the quality, the quality of LED headlights is definitely better, and more and more cars are applying this technology, and the shape of headlights is also easier to shape.

Audi is very advanced in researching headlights. It has the nickname of "light factory". The laser matrix headlight is its masterpiece. It is adaptive to near and far lights. It can automatically change the near and far lights according to the environment. This technique is quite powerful to prevent the glare of the oncoming car. If you want to modify the headlights yourself, it is recommended to choose LED headlights.

For the past, it can be said that the xenon headlight hit the road is brighter than the LED light, which is mainly affected by the luminous power and efficiency of the LED light source.

With the development of LEDs, the power and efficiency of LEDs have been comparable to xenon lamps. However, car lights are basically plastic parts. The temperature resistance of plastic parts and the heat dissipation of car lights need to be considered, so the light source light source light intensity cannot be particularly high.

Today, the efficiency of headlights is around 50%, which means that if the LED is 2000 lumens, then the output of the headlights is 1000 lumens. For xenon headlights, it is usually a light bulb, but for LED headlights, it is often a few, dozens, and it can reach the brightness of xenon headlights.

For some large car factories, they have their own standards for headlights. Generally, the distance and width of headlights are required, and some have different widths and illuminance values on the road. These regulations not only clarify the brightness of the lights on the road, but also the uniformity of the road.

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