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¿Cómo elegir Luz LED?

Dec. 19, 2019

High quality led auto headlights supplier to share with you: to choose led auto headlights, you need to know a few things about LED products, including brightness (lumens), color temperature (kelvin), light type, safety and service life.

1. Brightness (lumens)

Lumens are closely related to brightness. Generally, the brighter the lumens are, the brighter the headlights are. Many bad merchants will boast that the lumens have been tested to prove that the product is bright, but in fact they do not test and calculate lumens in the correct way.General regular big manufacturers will use integral ball to lumen value for comprehensive measurement.Integrating sphere is a cavity sphere coated with white diffuse reflection material, also known as luminosity sphere, optical pass sphere, etc., used to collect the scattering or emission of light from samples in or outside the sphere and near a window.

Led Auto Headlights

Led Auto Headlights

2. Color temperature (kelvin)

The color temperature is not the bigger the better.Color temperature is a measure of the color component of light.The natural light source in the daytime belongs to the higher color temperature, the human brain in the high color temperature lighting will be more spiritual, human eyes will also feel more comfortable, so this is also the car light color temperature closer to the day the better the reason.

A lumen is a test result that can be affected by many factors., the size of the current, the thickness of the lampshade, the calculation algorithm, etc., will lead to a huge difference in lumen value, so it is not correct to judge whether the lamp is bright and excellent by the lumen value measured by the single, the brightest point.

The difference in eye sensation caused by different color temperatures is obvious, and color temperature 6000K is the most comfortable value relative to the eyes.On the market, the mainstream light source dachang's car lamp products generally have a color temperature of up to 6000K. 6000K is the natural color temperature of sunlight between a hot sun and a cloudy sky, which makes human eyes highly comfortable.If the color temperature is higher than 6000K, the light color will be blue. If you drive under the headlights with excessive color temperature for a long time, your eyes will also have obvious discomfort.

3. Light type

Automobile LED headlights are the Angle and shape of a car's headlights.A good light type has two important positive effects on the headlights. One is a clear light-type terminator, which is necessary for safe driving.If there is no clear light and dark cut-off line, the light type is not only more scattered and not concentrated, more serious is, when meeting the car to the driver of the car feel dazzling, eye shake, affect driving safety.Second, a good light type is more beneficial to the distance of paving, which can illuminate the wider road in front of the vehicle, so that the driver will have a wider left and right field of vision, and can timely find people or animals that suddenly appear from both sides of the vehicle at night.

On the basis of meeting the clear light and dark cut-off line, make the distance between 50 meters and 75 meters in front of the vehicle bright and clear as far as possible, which can help the driver to find obstacles earlier. The beam closer to the front of the vehicle is longer and wider, and the wider the irradiation range is, the better.

4. Safety and life

The first criterion for choosing any product should be safety!The second is service life.For LED headlights, heat dissipation directly affects their safety and life.

There are two kinds of LED headlights in the market, one is fan cooling, the other is loose tropical cooling, relatively speaking, fan active cooling effect is better.Active heat dissipation is better than passive heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation efficiency is higher, thus increasing the lamp life.The heat dissipation principle of LED car lamp designed by santropic is passive heat dissipation, which can be achieved only through structural materials. Under long-term high temperature, it is easy to age, break off and fall off another point. When installing the car lamp, it is limited by the design of the car lamp, and the installation space is very limited.Notebook computer is the fan that USES active fan is hot, when workload is too big, your notebook affirmation fan also is all the time shout ground is blown.

5. Brand and quality

In addition to the above 4 points, but also look at the quality and comprehensive cost performance.For example, the domestic non-brand LED lights on the market are very cheap but without endorsement of big brands, so the quality and quality cannot be guaranteed, and the safety of driving lights is not guaranteed.Osram is a famous German enterprise with a hundred years of brand history.In addition to the choice of reliable and guaranteed brands, but also to see the comprehensive cost performance.If you do not want to love the car big hands, recommend jinheng LED headlights to replace the advanced headlights.

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