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How Long Can a Car Headlight Last?

Feb. 06, 2020

Driving on the road all year round, especially at night, I often encounter the dim or "one-eyed" lights of some cars, but also our own cars suddenly dim or do not light. what's going on? Is it the quality of the bulb or something else?

Automobile LED headlights supplier to share with you: In fact, as a car lamp, it also has a "life", or a usage decay period of working conditions. The brightness will gradually decrease during long-term use, and eventually become dim or even not bright. These are the times when the lights need to be replaced.

So how long can our car lights last, and how long do they last? Let's talk about different automotive LEDs.

The most common are halogen headlights, which are also the longest in service in automotive history. The basic luminous principle of the halogen lamp is the same as that of the incandescent lamp. Both of them conduct sufficient current to the tungsten wire to heat the filament to the incandescent state and emit light.

The difference is that the small quartz glass case of halogen lamps is filled with halogen element iodine or bromine gas. The presence of these halogen elements can reduce the loss of tungsten filaments at high temperatures, extend the life of the filaments, and make the filaments work higher. Temperature, so as to obtain higher brightness, color temperature and luminous efficiency. At present, the headlights on most economical family cars are halogen lamps.

Longer life is due to the addition of iodine and bromine into the bulb. The tungsten wire will sublimate into a gas when it glows and is heated. The sublimed tungsten wire will react with the two halogen gases, iodobromide, and eventually become tungsten wire. In this way, the tungsten wire will not easily burn out. . Therefore, it is not a problem for our current halogen headlamps to accumulate 300 hours.

Therefore, when changing the halogen headlights, it is required to carry out construction with gloves, because the grease on the fingers left on the glass surface of the bulb will cause the temperature to vary and easily burst.

The advantage of halogen lamps is that the production technology is mature and the cost is relatively low. Therefore, there are still many models in assembly today, but the disadvantage is that the brightness is not enough. So many partners are willing to upgrade halogen lamps in the later stage. Such as upgrading xenon lamps

The principle of the xenon lamp is to fill the crystal quartz glass tube with xenon gas (filled with iodide, and instantly boost the 12 volts DC voltage to 23,000 volts through a supercharger, and the high voltage amplitude excites the xenon electrons in the quartz tube to be free. A light source is generated between the two electrodes, and a white super-strong arc light generated by xenon gas.

Automotive Led Headlights

Automotive Led Headlights

The current required for HID to work is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times that of traditional halogen bulbs, and the service life is 10 times longer than that of traditional halogen bulbs. It also reaches a power of 55w, and the power consumption of xenon lamps is half that of halogen lamps. Use can reach 3000 hours.

Our original car xenon lamp can reach the above normal service life, but it may not necessarily be upgraded and modified later. This depends on the quality of the lamp you bought, the technical requirements for installation and construction, and the reliable store can be upgraded more comprehensively. The choice and installation of ballasts will also be relatively strict.

Because the stabilizer is added in the later upgrade, the stabilizer will be an important factor that affects the service life. Ordinary upgrade and modification can not achieve the original level. Life will be longer than halogen lamps. So we must pay attention to this when choosing to upgrade, we must consider the choice of cost performance and installation technology.

Finally, we talk about automotive LED headlights. There is no doubt that the use of LEDs will become the trend of future cars. This is due to the high brightness of LEDED lamps, low power consumption, and almost no burnout. However, the price is more expensive, and less used for family cars. It is more used in high-end cars and luxury cars. Since it must be expensive, its service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours. It is likely that our cars are scrapped. The lights won't break.

There are so many advantages of LED lights, but you must pay attention to changing LED lights. The heat dissipation is a problem when applied to car lights. If the heat dissipation is not good, the light decay will be very serious. Friends who want to change must design a good cooling solution.


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